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Bài tập tiếng Anh lớp 10 Unit 15: Cities

Bài tập tiếng Anh lớp 10 Unit 15: Cities

Trong bài viết này, website xin giới thiệu Bài tập tiếng Anh lớp 10 Unit 15: Cities do sưu tầm và đăng tải dưới đây với nhiều dạng bài tập hay và đáp án cụ thể, chi tiết sẽ giúp các bạn ôn tập cũng như củng cố từ vựng và ngữ pháp của bài rất hữu ích. Sau đây mời các em cùng luyện tập nhé!

I/ Choose the word whose underlined part has a different pronunciation from the others in each group:

1/ A. city B. country C. by D. very

2/ A. places B. houses C. bosses D. offices

3/ A. names B. rivers C. seasons D. parts

4/ A. empire B. enter C. empty D. end

5/ A. united B. developed C. regarded D. attracted

6/ A. follow B. below C. known D. down

7/ A. south B. about C. borough D. found

8/ A. mingle B. fine C. building D. million

9/ A. busy B. just C. hundred D. such

10/ A. water B. call C. rename D. tall

II/ Choose the word whose main stress is placed differently from the others in each group:

1/ A. capital B. different C. business D. apartment

2/ A. theater B. district C. locate D. famous

3/ A. southeastern B. visitor C. attractive D. convenient

4/ A. develop B. museum C. populate D. informal

5/ A. mingle B. whether C. harbor D. compare

6/ A. population B. comparison C. information D. similarly

7/ A. region B. belong C. complete D. prefer

8/ A. metropolitan B. popularity C. pronunciation D. international

9/ A. borough B. reserve C. beginner D. pollute

10/ A. rename B. problem C. combine D. connect

III/ Match the words in column A with their synonyms in column B:

1/ well-known 2/ match A/ progress B/ full
3/ unite 4/ locate C/ mix D/ combine
5/ develop 6/ mingle E/ area F/ odd
7/ region 8/ total G/ couple H/ set up
9/ found 10/ unusual I/ settle J/ famous

IV/ Match the words in column A with their antonyms in column B:

1/ central 2/ develop A/ less B/ unknown
3/ mingle 4/ fine C/ recede D/ lazy
5/ more 6/ total E/ separate F/ partial
7/ unusual 8/ busy G/ ugly H/ external
9/ attractive 10/ famous I/ dull J/ common

V/ Match the cities or capitals in column A with the appropriate nations in column B:



1/ Warsaw

2/ Hong Kong

A/ Germany

B/ Poland

3/ Madrid

4/ Munich

C/ Costa Rica

D/ China

5/ Paris

6/ San Jose

E/ England

F/ Sweden

7/ Seoul

8/ Porto

G/ Holland

H/ Argentina

9/ Sao Paulo

10/ Monterrey

I/ Portugal

J/ Mexico

11/ Tokyo

12/ London

K/ Iran

L/ the USA

13/ Zagreb

14/ Stockholm

M/ Italy

N/ Croatia

15/ Rome

16/ Sydney

O/ Japan

P/ Brazil

17/ New York

18/ Buenos Aires

Q/ Australia

R/ Korea

19/ Amsterdam

20/ Tehran

S/ France

T/ Spain

VI/ Choose the best answer A, B, C or D for each sentence:

1/ There is no _______ reason for the accident.

A. know B. known C. knowable D. knowledge

2/ Phone me if there are any new _______.

A. develop B. developed

C. developing D. developments

3/ We’re reading a _______ book this week.

A. differ B. difference C. different D. differently

4/ The mansion is set in 90 acres of beautiful, unspoilt _______.

A. country B. countryside C. countrywide D. countryman

5/ These flowers are brightly colored in order to _______ butterflies.

A. attract B. attraction C. attractive D. attractively

6/ The local _______ information office provides a free map of the region.

A. tour B. tourist C. tourism D. tour guide

7/ Contractors have started _______ on waste land near the town.

A. build B. built C. builder D. building

8/ At the International School they have pupils of 46 different _______.

A. nations B. national C. nationalist D. nationalities

9/ Although the technology _______ in the UK, it has been developed in the US.

A. origin B. original C. originally D. originated

10/ My son’s teacher says that his work is often rather _______.

A. care B. careless C. careful D. carelessly

VII/ Select the best option to complete the sentences:

1/ She walked home by herself, _______ she knew that it was dangerous.

A. despite B. although C. because of D. because

2/ _______ repeated assurances that the product is safe, many people have stopped buying it.

A. Despite B. Although C. Because of D. Because

3/ Just _______ I’m lending you my dress for tonight doesn’t mean you can borrow it whenever you want to.

A. despite B. although C. because of D. because

4/ The train was delayed _______ bad weather.

A. despite B. although C. because of D. because

5/ Have you been to the restaurant _______ is just opened in town?

A. that B. who C. whom D. what

6/ She says it’s Charlotte’s fault, _______ is rubbish, and that she blames her.

A. which B. that C. whose D. who

7/ Cohen, _______ contract expires next week, is likely to move to play for a European club.

A. whose B. that C. which D. whom

8/ She lived in Rome for a couple of years, _______ she taught English.

A. who B. why C. where D. when

9/ The police asked me to explain _______ I hadn’t reported the accident sooner.

A. which B. why C. that D. when

10/ He was quite shocked _______ I told him.

A. what B. that C. when D. why

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